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2010-02-13 18:37:18 GMT
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. - Your Key To The Scene. :  Clean RAR Scene Releases!

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           sMACk YOUr               
                      sISTER pRESENTs...                         
         .release date[ 2/13/2010           .res[ 624x352
         .air date[ 2/12/2010           .fps[ 23.976
         .genre[ Drama               .region[ NTSC
        the thing in the pit

      We know who we are, where we came from, and why we're here. Do you?
       ascii!h8/HOA   SYS'2o10
                    tHrEE                aND    
                            tHOUSAND   rELEASES       cOUNTiNG


What is the passcode to unrar? thank you in advance.
There is , I repeat, There IS NO PASSWORD on this one.

You must be the lowlife that steal those release and repackage hem with password for a quickbuck by requiring survey to get pasword !

NEVER get torrent from anonymous, take from user with the pirate sign next to their name, proven reliable and quality.

ok im beyond frustrated with all the damn .rar uploads i find everywhere. it seems beyond much easier to NOT do .rar files. i have winzip, i unzip the files, cant watch em. i rezip em, cant watch em. unzip em again still doesnt work. so i either dont understand winzip or i dont even fucking know. i really wanted to watch this. but the goddamn .rar makes it so i cant. please. please, please please please stop doing .rar, i have seen other people request for the same. if someone can tell me how, in explaining to a 1 year old intelligence level explanation, im pretty sure it wont work but it would be appreciated, cuz ive had my computer wix buddy try it and it doesnt work. please no more .rar. like i said too fucking easy to do ANY other format.
stop raring shit. just stop.
@ paganjew

The reason you cannot view it after you unzip it, is because its a RARed not ZIPED. WinRar is free and if you DL it you will be able to extract the files properly.

As for the rest of your comment and h00dka's, I agree raring is a pain in the ass. It just takes so friggen long to go though every single file to ensure that there are no wanted files along with the movie/show. Best way to stop the rar's? Dont DL em. problem with that is 90% of the people have shit bandwidth and will always take the rar over a normal MKV file.

So in conclusion . . . stop bitching.
i have a shitty connection, and i dont mind waiting a while to get the really large files (and im talking fullblown 1080p movies raking on the 10+ gigs) i have a blazing fast computer so unraring only takes like 30 seconds per gig so for this little files it shouldnt be an issue)
The password is: spartacus38271
@ elmirb THANKS!!!
no hd for episode 4?

"I Have Blazing Fast Computer"

Well horah for u you mad boaster